Our mission here at The Homesteads is to provide quality adult care in a warm, loving, safe, clean and attractive home filled with an extended family that cares for and about each other. We are family type homes for adults.

At all the Homestead's homes you will find a staff of loving caregivers who are proud of the quality and love that goes into running our homes. We offer the same friendly staff, wonderful activities and excellent adult care at all of our homes. Our caregiver ratio will always remain at least 1 caregiver for 6 residents.

What are Family-Type Homes for Adults?
Many people wonder just what Family-Type Homes are and what they provide. Assisted living environments are privately owned and operated homes where the owners of the home invite up to six others to live with them. The invited new family members usually are in need of some sort of help, (resident level) or just choose to not live alone, even though they are able. (boarder level) A new extended family is formed. The homes are not only warm and welcoming, full of love and personalized adult care but also are licensed and inspected by New York State, and under the supervision of a division of Social Services.

What is the difference between a Family Type Home and an Assisted Living Facility?
See our chart under services and rates.

What are the Homesteads & who owns and operates them?
The first Homestead was/is an FTHA located in Apalachin, NY. Although we are located in Apalachin, we cater to neighboring cities such as Vestal, Endicott, Endwell, Owego, and Binghamton. The Homesteads provides quality elderly care and it’s operator/owner was and still is Connie Barton. Connie was born and raised in Apalachin and her family are long time residents of that area. She attended OFA and Broome Community College, married and raised four daughters and now has 14 grandchildren.

In 1992, when Connie’s grandmother became ill, Connie found that she was just unable to allow her grandmother to remain in a nursing facility. She was looking for a nursing home alternative, but couldn't find anything suitable. After renovating a room for her grandmother in her home, Connie was saddened to have to accept that her grandmother would never be able to come and enjoy the new room. She had passed away in her sleep. Feeling that there must be other “grandmothers” who might be in need of a place to stay, a safe and loving home, Connie went to Social Services and learned that there are licensed homes that provide places for the elderly to live. These homes were called Family-Type Homes for Adults or FTHAs. Connie proceeded to complete all the necessary requirements to open an FTHA and in the fall of 1993 opened her home to her first resident, a feisty little lady who was placed in her home by Social Services. For the next few years, Connie and her husband were busy renovating and growing her home and family of residents. During this time, Connie helped care for her ailing father, and later her mother who both died of cancer. Finally in January of 2002, after a courageous battle with the same dire disease, Connie’s husband and best friend, also died of cancer. This was the last straw. With a burning need to be very, very busy, with the certain knowledge that more FTHAs were needed, with God’s help and support, and with the help of a group of wonderful family and friends, Connie purchased a second home in Endicott!

It needed a lot of work! Everyone jumped in and went to work. Renovations to the house were completed in the fall of 2002 and it completed it’s license program in 2003. The new operator, Julie Patrick, husband and son moved into the new FTHA called the Sammick Home, (named after Connie’s husband) and soon the home was filled with elderly ladies in need of assistance, love and a caring extended family. They found what they were looking for!

Well, now the Homestead had become the Homesteads! The homes were providing a home full of loving, skilled care to twelve elderly individuals who were all part of Connie’s extended family. Connie had now found and created the assisting living alternative she had been looking for. In these homes for the elderly, she would provide quality, loving and skilled adult care.

But all the beds were full....and there were still people looking for placement.... How can we turn these people away? The answer is simple. We can not.

In the spring of 2004, with God’s help and continued blessings, Connie purchased a home in Johnson City, and the group of friends and family jumped in again. Quickly the home was spiffed and renovated. Sadly, it quickly became apparent that the Wood home was too small. On October 01, 2005, the Wood Home was closed.

However, the Homesteads expansion continued. The Grant Home was conceived in the spring of 2005, major renovations begun in May of 2005 and the Grant Home opened in the fall, after the Wood Home closed.

The changes and improvements continue. The Prentice Home opened in October 2006. Named after two of our loved residents, this home was sold to us by the Prentice family. This family believes that Family Type Homes are special, much needed additions to the community. The Prentice home is warm, welcoming and a wonderful addition to our family of homes. In 2010 the Paquette Homestead opened. Also named after one of our lovely residents, this new family type home for adults or " group home" was sold to us by the Paquette family and Mrs. Paquette was then able to remain in her own home with the Homestead staff in place to make sure she was safe and secure. What a wonderful addition to assisted living alternatives!

As the Homesteads grow, the need for more assistance became readily apparent. Michelle and Lynette, Connie’s daughters who were caregivers, have stepped up to the plate and begun their new roles as business manager and procurement / financial manager.

The Homesteads are quick to acknowledge that without the steadfast and wonderful work of the Managers of our homes, there would be no fabulous homes in which our residents live. Thanks to you; Julie, Steph, Becca, Amanda, Dan and all newly trained managers of Homestead Homes. Your love, warmth and dedication are the foundations of our homes. Thank you.

And thanks also to our dedicated group of caregivers. These ladies and gentlemen have made our residents a big part of their lives and families. They keep the homes running smoothly, and with loving, quality care.